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A credit card is the only option to load credit on your cashless account before the festival.

In this video our visitor Nina showing you how to create our account, put credit on it and how to handle the cashless card at the festival itself. Join her on a beautiful day at the B-Sides Festival and enjoy this awesome video provided by Retardation Station.

Just turned your last fiver into beer but don't want to go down the hill to get more cash? We solved this problem for you with our new cashless system. No cash, no problem. From now on you can easily top-up your cashless-card on the spot without ever leaving the festival area. The B-Sides Festival is happy to be the first Swiss-German festival to work with Weezevent. This means less waiting for food and drinks, no unsuccessful search for an ATM and an easy way to check your balance. With this cashless system we do not only cut down your waiting time but also make things easier for our volunteers.

Create your account and top up before the festival!

As soon as you get your ticket on PETZI, you can create an online account, choose the amount you want to be credited to you card, and confirm – that’s it! For this you have to have a credit card. The credit is saved onto your ticket code, and you’ll get a card with your balance at the check-in. This way you can enjoy the festival without having to stand in line at the top-up stations.

During the festival

You have already created your cashless account

Arriving at the top of the Sonnenberg, go to the entrance with your festival ticket that will be scanned, and your card will be given to you containing the money you have pre-charged. You can recharge your card as many times as you want.

You do not have a cashless account

If you didn’t create an account in advance and load a credit onto your ticket code before the festival, you’ll receive an empty card at the check in. You can load credit on it at the different top-up stations provided on the festival premises. There you will be able to pay by card or cash. The stations are placed at the main entrance, the Boho’s Welcome stage and beneath the old hotel steps. You can recharge your card as many times as you want. If you prefer not to stand in line, you can create an account, and top up your card with your smartphone on the B-Sides website at any time.

If your cashless account was created before your arrival at the festival: keep your festival ticket until your money has been credited on your cashless card.

After the festival


If there are funds left on your card after the festival, you can make your refund request between Sunday, 16th of June to Sunday 28th of July. If you would like to donate your credit to our bar team, Viva con Agua or to the festival in general, you can choose one of those options as well. This can be done by credit card only, and will require the 6 letter code on the back of your cashless card.

Attention: Due to the system termination your credit will expires on the 28th of July and your card will go back to 0.-

Important: Keep your card (You will also be able to reuse it next year!) unless you have used up your credit or would like to donate the rest to the festival. In this case you can leave the card at one of the bars or top-up stations.

You have created a cashless account

To get the rest of your funds back, simply log into your account on the B-Sides website and click the button “Reimbursement”. The amount will be refunded to your bank account or credit card at the end of the month.

You did not create a cashless account

In order to reclaim your balance, you must create a cashless account. Enter the 6 letter code on the back of your cashless card and your bank account or credit card information. Once logged into your account, click the “Reimbursement” button. The amount will be refunded to your bank account or credit card at the end of the month.

How does it work?

You can use your cashless card to pay for all purchases at the bars, the kitchen and the merch stand of the B-Sides Festival. To pay, simply hold your card to the payment terminal. Upon each transaction, the amount remaining on your account is shown to you.

All transactions are made through an NFC chip which is directly integrated in your card. Your money is secured, so there is no possible loss or theft!

Your cashless account is an electronic wallet. It is not linked to your bank account. You will not be charged beyond the amount you credited.

Do I have to register?

No ... But we highly recommend it so you can:
- Check your expense history
- Recharge your account on the website at any time
- Block your card at the top-up station in case of loss or theft

What happens if I lose my cashless card?

As your account is linked to your card and you can block it by visiting one of our top-up stations and get a new one. Your balance will be credited to new card. Your safety means a lot to us! Unfortunately, if you have not created an account, blocking your card is not possible.

Does my cashless card cost anything?

No, there is no activation fee.


Our bar teams and the “Viva con Agua” team really appreciate every little donation you feel like giving. You can donate your jeton-chip at the bar or the cutlery return, donate your card at the end of the festival or just ask your bar personnel to add the amount you would like to tip onto the bill. We would like to thank you in advance for every donation and every tip!

Data protection

Any data collected remains anonymous and will not be passed on to third parties. Not even our partner weezeevent will be provided with the data. You’re safe with us!

Reuse your card

Sustainability is very important to us, so we kindly ask you to save your card, and reuse it next year unless you have used up your funds or would like to donate the rest to the festival. In this case, you can leave the card at one of the bars or at the top-up stations.

Does everybody need a cashless card?

No, you can also just have one card for a whole group.