You can reach the festival area by public transportation and/or the Sonnenbergbahn (small train). Our shuttlebus and the VBL-nightbus will bring you back to Lucerne mainstation after the shows. On Thursday there may be a longer waiting period for the Sonnenbergbahn. Please come early. Please use the presales to assure your entrance to the festival.
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Public Transport

SBB: Mainstation Lucerne From there you can take the VBL-Bus.
→ Bus Nr. 1 to Kriens Busschleife + 5 Minutes with the Sonnenbergbahn
→ Bus Nr. 5 from Lucerne, Pilatusplatz to Kriens, Busschleife +
+ 5 Minutes with the Sonnenbergbahn
→ Bus Nr. 1 to Kriens Busschleife, Bus Nr. 15 to Gabeldingen + 10min walk up the hill
→ Bus Nr. 1 to Kriens Busschleife + 40min walk up the hill
→ Bus Nr. 10 to Obergütsch + 15min walk through the forest
→ Bus Nr. 11 to Dattenberg + 15min walk through the forest
You can check your connections on here.

About the Sonnenbergbahn:
The Sonnenbergbahn takes you up the hill and directly to the festival area. (Thursday till 21.15 / Friday & Saturday till 22.00). A one way ticket costs 8 CHF, and a return ticket 12 CHF. Students pay half price. If the festival is sold out you can only use the Sonnenbergbahn with a valid festival ticket. Please come early to prevent a long waiting period

Free Shuttlebus

With the festivalticket you can use our shuttlebus-service from the festival area to Kriens Busschleife for free. The shuttlebus runs from 22.15 until 03:00 on Thursday and from 00:00 until 04:00 on Friday & Saturday. When you arrive at Kriens Busschleife you can take the VBL-Bus Nr. 1 to Lucerne Mainstation. Friday and Saturday there will be VBL-Nightbuses.


We highly recommend to use public transportation. Please be aware that there is no parking space. If your only option is coming by car, please use the parking Hofmatt (Migros, open 24h).


There is a parking area for bicycles near the hotel Sonnenberg. Bicycles cannot be taken into the Sonnenbergbahn. Please use the bicycle parking area at the Sonnenbergbahn station.



There will be a camping ground next to the festival area which is free of cost. The space is limited therefore a reservation is obligatory - reserve here.
Please read the camping ground regulations.
The next camping oppurtunity is in Lucerne (Lido Camping).


We recommend:

→ Beau Séjour
Haldenstrasse 53
6006 Luzern

→ B&B Bettstatt
Neustadtstrasse 10
6003 Luzern

There are a lot of other hotels in Lucerne. You can find them on


Our festival is known for its exquisite kitchen cuisine. For us it is very important to provide our visitors with good and healthy food. There are over 50 volunteers cooking during the festival. You can take a look at the menu here.


On saturday afternoon, there will be a special program for children and young families. The Kids are free from commission. The parents pay half the price of the normal festival ticket. Check out the program here: Kinderprogramm


The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited to people under the age of 16 years. No hard liquor or alcopops are allowed under the age of 18.

Ticket Validation

Please exchange your ticket for a festival pass (wristband) at the main entrance of the festival. The wristband must be worn at all times. Lost wristbands are not valid. The security is permitted to check your festival pass.


No Money, no fun! No problem. Thanks to our cashless system you’ll be able to enjoy the festival as long as you want. All further information you can find on the main menu point Cashless.


There will be music on three different stages during the festival. The program on the Mainstage Stage and the Tent Stage alternate. On the Bohemian Stage there will be mainly swiss bands playing.

First Aid

Please contact our medical service in case of an accident. Otherwise contact one of our volunteers. They will be glad to help you!


There will be a program for children on Saturday afternoon. We do have a family-ticket as well: parents get 50% off on the festival-pass which is valid from 11 to 18 o’clock. Free admittance for children accompanied by their parents ‘til the age of 12, kids between 12 and 14 pay a fee of only 15.- CHF.

Lost and found

Lost objects will be collected, and deposited at the merch stand on the festival ground. After the festival, we will send anything that was not picked up to the lost and found office in Lucerne. →

Ear Protection

We value your hearing. The music will be loud (over 93dB(A)) so we recommend to use ear protection. Ear plugs are available for free at the festival bars or at the main entrance.

Festival Area

B-sides the three stages, there are several bars and a coffee tent, where you can take a break. At the cocktail bar you have a lovely view of the lake and the mountains.


It is prohibited to bring your own alcoholic beverages to the festival. The security can check your bags at the entrance. You can bring non-alcoholic beverages. No glas. No cans.


Your visit to the festival and the tent-area is at your own risk. We have a special indemnity insurance. We decline further liability and refuse any compensation claims.


We ♥ Nature! The B-Sides is very committed to being sustainable in every way possible. Our environment is very important to us, and we would very much appreciate if our visitors are considerate of our surroundings as well. We work in close collaboration with Energiestadt Kriens.

If you would like to support is in this matter, you can have an eye on the following things during your visit to the B-Sides festival:
→ cigarette buds: please put them in the trash or in a pocketbox. You can buy them at the merch table and at the main entrance
→ Return your cups and dishes
→ Throw away your trash in one of the trash bins (our cleaning staff will be very grateful!)
→ Travel by public transport


Do 13th June → 16:45 – 03:00
Fr 14th June → 16:45 – 04:00
Sa 15th June → 11:00 – 05:00
On Thursday the concerts will be finished at around 01:00, on friday at 01:30. After the concerts there will be DJ’s playing at the Tent Stage (Thursday) or in the Bohemians Welcome tent (Friday/Saturday).


As much as we love your (mostly)-fourlegged friends, we don’t want them to be stressed out with all the people and the loud music. So please don’t bring your animals to the festival!


The Sonnenberg is normally on the sunny side of life! Hence the name: Sun Mountain. If it does rain, there are some covered places provided for you on the festival ground.

Viva con Agua

Everybody for Water – Water for everybody. Viva von Agua and the B-Sides Festival take a stand together for a world without thirst. And this year we’re even celebrating our 10-year anniversary! You can make a donation by handing in your empty festival-cups (without returning the deposit). Further Information about the ongoing project:

If you have any further questions you can write us here:

B-Sides Lover

If you want to help us throughout the year you can become a Lover of the B-Sides Festival. This means a lot of love and care for you, some goodies here and there, cheaper tickets and forever gratefullness by the b-sides club. You can be a lover for just 50.- per year, but there are more options as well. All the options can be found here


Without the help of our volunteers a festival this size couldn’t happen. We’re always searching for volunteers in different parts of the festival which help us before, while and after the three days. If you’d like to help us out, you can sign up here